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BBC: The Future of Housing Debate (August 2009)

Savings and Credit & Community Funds Seminar
Bangkok, November 10 - 14, 2007
(Jointly organized by ACHR, SDI, CODI and IIED)

Sam Chuk Story [March. 2006]

The Community Organizations Development Institute (CODI) in Thailand [2006]

Urban Development Towards Sustainable Cities and Housing for the Urban Poor in Thailand

The Roles of Housing Finance In Achieving Adequate Shelter For All

Deepening Community Welfare in Thailand

Loan based welfare in Thailand [Feb.2005]

Liveable Cities Action Program [Dec. 2004]

Some thoughts on CODI's First Four Years [Aug. 2004]

Some Notes on the CODI in Thailand [June. 2003]

A Decade of Change, from UCDO to CODI [May. 2003]

Elderly Welfare Story BBC [Aug.2002]

Community as Subject, not Object [2002]

Providing Housing for the Poor [July. 2000]

Citizen Networks to Address Urban Poverty [1999]

Causes and Effects of Slum Eviction in Bangkok