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Housing Title Handout Day

A short film on how CODI and the Treasury Department check housing residency and handout title for the Collective Housing

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Social Architect
in Action (Movie)

CODI on Facebook

Life Inside
a Hilltop Slum

Maps of Informal
in Chiang Mai

AIDS Drugs
and Slums

A Crew Cut is not for Everyone

The Durian
Orchard Squatters

E-Lerng: Preservation through Lens
CODI: 10 Years Highlights
"Why not just show it anyway - outside the theater!" shouts a bearded man bare-chested
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CODI just celebrated its 10 years
founding anniversary in October -
the experiment continues
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A Treasure behind Closed Walls
Enters the Agitator
Pom Mahakarn a booming tourist bazaar and home to 50 families of artisans now faces eviction by the city
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"Yes there's plenty of land,
but it's just not yours"

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The Deadman's List
Large House Dilemma

Da's husband is dead and he didn't
even left her a will. Instead, she got
an enigmatic list
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A story of why some people
welcomed changes and
some don't
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Modern Nomads
The Forever Renter

From Freight Train Squatters
to Grand Thef Auto: A Story of
Bangkok's Urban Youths
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A closer look at how the slumlords
and their renters cooperate in
the wake of the Collective Housing
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Zoomed In: This Issue - Construction Plans
  Plans and Blueprints
(1-Story House)

A detail construction plans and sections of a typical 1-story houses

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  Plans and Blueprints
(2.5-Story House)

A detail construction plans and sections of a typical 2-story houses
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Video Clip :
A Glimpse into the Participatory Site Planning Process at Bo Farang


A young architect from CODI facilitates the design process of a group of squatters.
In the tradition of "Wikipedia," the squatters collectively input their own designs and planning.
The architect role is there to tell people some simple rules; then let the more complex design
variations to emerge by themselves. >> more