. Winter 2009 Issue
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The Landowner's Dilemma
Why a dirty one-night-stand eviction
is no longer desirable?

A fresh new look at Thailand's land-use development
"game" and its most often overlooked strategy.
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* 7 Space Saving
Tips From Around
the World

* All You Need
is Love:
The Ashram
Students Speak

* Festivity and
the Buddha

* The Clock
Chess Game

Sam Chuk Antique

* Instant Commune
after Nightfall

* Prefab Housing:
An Instrument
of Participation?

* Buying Private
Land for Housing

The Oxford-man's Vision
Mayor Handed Management Budget to Slums

"We're promoting the concept of collective land title or land
co-op..." - Abhisit Vejjajiva ,
Prime Minister >> more

Chumpae's Mayor let the squatters
managed more than 85 million baht
worth of budget. Of that amount,
15 milliion baht came directly from
his own budget. >> more

From Co-ops to CODI: Thailand's Hidden History
Five: The Magic Number of a Subgroup

A Glimpse of Thailand's untold legacy.
An age where co-ops florished as part
of the national development plan
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A strange fundamental unit in Primates: From the number of fingers on your free hand to the number of people in saving groups, rock bands, and army squads. >> more

Zoomed Out: This month - Humanitarian Relief Projects
  Radio Tsunami ,
A story of how village radios emerged
as the architect and facilitator of
several instant communities

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  Inside a Leper Colony:
A story of a leper man who managed to escape surgical sterilization at the height of Thailand's ruthless regime
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Life & Stories:



* This issue
features CODI's
retired director
-- Somsook

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* Letters from
A coffee-house
commentary on
the political situation
in Indonesia and
the recent evictions
of squatter
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* Antonio Ismael,
our partner, is now
working on the
'Poor People's
Floating Mall' for
the city of
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Life next to the "HILLSIDE HEALTH PARK"

A Squatter Commune on Old City Wall

A School Teacher's Estate

12 Vices to Avoid

Living with a Ghost Railway

A Journey along the Blackest
Canal in Southern Thailand

Railroad Track as Structural Beams

A Squatter Commune under the Highway

The Thin Man and the Banyan Tree

Beyond the Banyan Tree

The Cement Bag Lady

A Day in a Life of a Driver

Nong Pai: A Community under Water

Tapping the Power of Kids

The Fate of Bon Kai Settlement

Life Continues at Bon Kai

The Oxford-man's Vision

An Accidental Village

The Slums March to the Sea

Slums and the Spirit Houses

Who Stays, who Goes?:
The Organizers' Dilemma

The Privatization of the Common

The Arrival of the Politician

Mapping: A Political Weapon

The Bureaucrats’ Utopia

Buying Private Land for Housing



Building Codes: For Whom?

Why South East Asian Don't Talk to Each Other

A Forum on the City

The Landowner's Dilemma

The Distaste for the Blueprints

Prefab: An Instrument of Participation?

Farang Men and Coin Laundry Machines

The Millionaire Brick Makers

Mayor Handed Management Budget to Slums

The $6 Million Saving Group

From Co-ops to CODI: Thailand's Hidden History

The Importance of Large-scale Networking

Video Clip : A Glimpse into the Participatory Site Planning Process at Bo Farang

A young architect from CODI facilitates the design process of a group of squatters.
In the tradition of "Wikipedia," the squatters collectively input their own designs and planning.
The architect role is there to tell people some simple rules; then let the more complex design
variations to emerge by themselves. >> more