People are at the heart of CODI’s mission. Training, developing and educating CODI staff, community members and policy makers is critical to ensuring stronger community organizations. CODI staff participate in frequent seminars and retreats to discuss strategies and develop new skills. Community members are trained to design budgets, manage finances, design community layouts, negotiate with land owners and communicate with government representatives. CODI and community members work together to inform policy makers about issues affect the urban and rural poor through press releases, rallies and conferences.


In order for the development process to be successful, all relevant actors must be involved.

While the most affected people – community members – must be at the heart of the process, land owners, government officials, utility companies, NGO workers and private business are all encouraged to participate.


CODI believes in designing ambitious, yet practical plans to development challenges.

Community members must think on the long term to design an adequate plan for their housing and social problems.

On a subdistrict or municipal level, community organization council should develop master plans that strengthen community organizations and take advantage of their united weight. Finally, communities must unite on a national level to develop and present policy recommendations to the Federal government.