Get Involved

CODI is always eager to work with ambitious and knowledgeable individuals, as well as form strong institutional partnerships. To inquire about the following opportunities please contact

Work at CODI

Staff: CODIís Thai staff includes individuals with expertise in community organizing, urban planning, architecture, finance, accounting, law, management and engineering.

Consultant: CODI hires consultants with industry expertise to assist in developing and/or implanting projects. To contribute effectively consultants should have a working knowledge of Thai.

Intern: University students can join CODI on an informal basis to augment their academic training. In the past, interns have been involved in projects ranging from designing and fundraising for a childrenís play area in a community to conducting research on residential density. Interns are expected to speak Thai or be willing to learn the language quickly.

Volunteer: Thai and foreign volunteers have joined CODI for periods ranging from several months to one year. Volunteers work with staff to design and tailor a project to their interests. Past volunteers have done a documentary on a Baan Mankong pilot community, designed an impact assessment project, and developed CODIís English PR materials. As with interns, volunteers are expected to speak Thai or be willing to learn the language.

Gather Information

Researcher: Academics and graduate students are welcome to conduct research on community driven development at CODI. Graduate students have recently assessed the feasibility of implementing a Baan Mankong style program in the United States, and local-level democracy and governance issues in Isaan.

NGO/Student: Representatives from international institutions, NGOs and universities are welcome to visit a community to learn more about CODIís operations and methodologies.

Media: If you would like to write a news or feature article about CODIís activities, information and interviews can be provided.


CODI has worked with international foundations, governments and development agencies to effectively design and implement aid projects.