Environmental Projects

CODI communities can engage in environmental protection in one of three ways. Firstly, communities often incorporate environmentally sustainable and energy-efficient measures into house and infrastructure design, as well as their land use. By doing this, they can often save money in the long run and improve the quality of life and health within the community. Second, communities can apply for special loans for environmental projects, such as funding a new waste management system. Finally, rural communities develop sustainable agriculture projects.

Community Media

In order to share information, community networks have initiated websites, radio broadcasts and PR campaigns. Such projects have been instrumental for promoting activities, as well as working together. During the Tsunami, the community radio program was critical in broadcasting news about aid and assistance.

Information Exchange

Exchanging information between communities is vital to ensuring the success of future projects. Communities document and share best practices and lessons learned with each other. CODI promotes this by organizing information and learning centers. To date, there have been 500 learning centers and 120 community information centers.

NGO Grants

CODI provides grants to NGOs that work in the field of community development and the environment. In 2009, CODI granted $1.2million (USD) to NGOs for community-related activities.

Good Governance Project

CODI teaches good governance principals to community organizations, ranging from transparency to financial management.

Community Organizations Accreditation

CODI is responsible for developing standards for the accreditation of community organizations. When community organizations receive accreditation, they are legally recognized and can more easily participate in the development process. Over 70,000 community organizations have been accredited. However, CODI estimates that there are over 250,000 community organizations in Thailand.

Policy Maker Education Programs

Through publicity events, dialogue and rallies, CODI educates politicians and bureaucrats about the issues affecting communities and how government can contribute to solutions.