What is a 'Community Architect'?:
Perception and Perspectives

Somsook Boonyabancha, Director of CODI
" When I was a young architect, I've work with many social activists who were concerned with the discourse of individual rights. The dispute between land owner's rights and the squatters' rights was a classic example. It was an unending conflict. People could kill one another to secure their 'rights'. Architects could help resolve such conflict by going beyond the discourse of 'rights' and actually present a tangible detail 'plan' ...." >> more

Apichai Kaptong , Director of Design and Construction (CODI)

" We've trained people - in every provinces and throughout the nation - to be their own builders. We started by teaching people how to read plans, how to select materials, how to do cost estimation, construction managment, time, and budget management...." >> more

Sakarin Pu, Architect & Faculty at Mahasarakham University
" Making physical improvements to your house is like changing your clothes...you don't think differently in new clothes; you just look different.
As architects, we should concentrate less on getting the houses done, and more on gettting people to organized into groups. Once we have strong working groups, the people would find ways to get things done themselves.
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Virat Trampongphan
, Architect & Director of Community Projects
(Ashram of Community & Environmental Architects Ltd.)
" The notion of having a community is a constructed perception. Today, just because people are living together doesn't mean that they see themselves as a 'community'. To have a community, you must build it..." >> more

The Students Speak
(Ashram of Community & Environmental Architects)

" Traditionally, the architect is an elite profession with strong ties to the ruling class. No people in their right mind would spend long years of training so that they could be at the service of the poor. But we're doing just that!"

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